Here's Me, Talking About Me

I could tell you about how much I love photography, but that's kind of redundant and obvious, no?  So let's skip that.  I'll give you the bullet list and we can both get out of here.  But call me, okay?


  • Original Netflix programming like Stranger Things, and anything by Shonda Rhimes. 
  • Plum Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts- where I live with my husband and three daughters, in a big turquoise house named Three Little Birds.
  • Dogs- my own mix-terey breed rescues (Cupcake and Stevie) and all of my friend's dogs.  Like, LOVE THEM.
  • The Internet of Things.  Just kidding.  I love pretending I know what that is.  Just kidding. I might know.
  • Books. Novels, non-fiction, celebrity tell-alls, instructional pamphlets, historical treatises.  All loved.
  • My job.  Best job in the world.  EXCEPT MAYBE Elon Musk's job.  Whatever he's doing these days.

That about says it.  I hope to hear from you!