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I love this shot. It's a classic "Vanity Fair" style capture, with an ease and a glamour that the bride and groom will treasure for years to come.  It's also exactly the kind of wedding photo that I wish I had from my own wedding day. 

The wedding was in Newburyport and the day was a little raw.  The venue was a private residence with an amazing garden leading down to the river. We were only able to get outside for a few minutes (14 to be precise.) As laid back as the couple was, we'd all felt a little bit of a pressure to grab some photos outside before the threatening deluge.

But here, in this photograph,the pressure is over.

The bride and groom's family is downstairs, waiting to celebrate with them. It was a small, intimate gathering that happened to have a wedding ceremony in the middle of it. Evening is gathering, the sky crowning the river in shades of lavender.  

The couple, relieved of their "modeling" duties, relax together for a quick moment, enjoying a quick glass of champagne (and a private joke). 

In a moment or two, he will stand and offer her his hand (again).  They will pause briefly to whisper a few words to each other (I got that shot too, and will share it in another post), and then head downstairs to join their loved ones, to share an incredible meal (Essential Chefs Catering), and to begin their new life together as husband and wife.

But this shot?  I love this shot. One moment. A moment to let it all "sink" in (in the tub).  No rules, just fun!

Weddings in Newburyport benefit from a tremendous number of options for backdrops.  Wedding photos on the Newburyport boardwalk.  Bridal party photos on Plum Island beach. Engagement photos on Inn Street.

There are so many Newburyport, MA wedding venues and possibilities that a destination wedding in Newburyport is easy to plan!


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Love "Rains" Supreme- Crane Estate Wedding in Ipswich MA I'll admit, I've observed some over-the-top luxury at some of the weddings that I've photographed-- and wondered "Am I FABULOUS enough to mingle at this wedding?"  But I've never wondered if I was CREATIVE enough for the crowd-- until Trish and Bill's fabulous wedding at The Barn at the Crane Estate, in Ipswich, MA. Trish and Bill are deeply in love, super creative theater folk.  I knew they'd become engaged the moment I met (and photographed) them, at Trish's sister's wedding-- and I hoped to be chosen to capture the Show.

Opening Night came along with some blustery rain- but no matter!  These theatre pros never forget the greatest rule of all:  the show must go on. Other than that?  Rules are only possibilities-- did I mention that the bride wore a matte silver dress?

Here's a window into their day:

Great Groomsmen (and Woman) Gifts"Axe Me What is Happening Here"

Hair and Makeup by Kevin Hadfield.  "He was awesome," said the bride- and I have to agree! Look at this pretty perfection:




Scenic backdrop?  Yes, the Italian Garden at the Crane Estate is spectacular!

This couple marches to their own drum- or DONUT, that is- with apple cider donuts taking the place of a cake.  De-LUMMY!





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Senior, or Supermodel? Plum Island Beach Senior Session I love it when I'm shooting a high school senior and a supermodel shows up at the end.  OK, it's never happened before, but there's a first time for everything!

This is A., toward the end of her shoot.  The surfboard is more than just a mere prop-- she's the real deal.  It was clear to me that her athleticism is even more impressive than her jaw-dropping good looks-- although the college guys that thought they'd discovered a secret Sports Illustrated model shoot would probably disagree with me ("Best.Day.Ever.")

She reminds me of a younger Heidi Klum:

We started that day with a senior session.  Predictably, those shots were beautiful too:

I am so thrilled to have been there for A., capturing this spectacular moment in her young life.  She is such a great girl. Beautiful and kind, sweet and smart. I can only speculate what is around the corner for her, all wonderful things is my wish.  I can see her as the teacher/engineer/entrepreneur that inspires everyone around her, and I can also see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Who knows what she will choose to do?

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Newburyport Senior Portrait- Sarah What I love about Newburyport is that there are so many places to shoot.  Sarah did not want the beach, and I love that she knew that!  We found the perfect place to shoot and Sarah looks beyond lovely in all of her photos.  Of course, I have my favorites, but I'm not sure I could narrow it down much farther than these. 

It turns out that I love shooting senior photos...but of course, that is not all I do.

Sarah, I know you are only 17--but please remember me when you get engaged (many years from now)- I'm your gal for wedding photos too!


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Newburyport Senior Portrait Adam's personality will hopefully help him in life, and thank goodness, because with a face like this...


Yes, he is very handsome.  But his personality is so charming that it overshadows his looks. I don't believe myself either, but it happens to be true.

We shot in Newburyport for a brick and stone sort of urban thing, and then moved to Spencer Pierce Little Farm for a corn-fed, wholesome thing.  When we got to Plum Island a passing stranger exhorted Adam to "Stay Good Lookin', Kid.  Go Succeed!" Not thinking that will be a problem.

Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait

Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait

Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait

Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait Newburyport Senior Boy Portrait


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Plum Island Senior Portrait What can I do when a client is as pretty as Molly?  Just pray to do her justice.  Here she is, about to start her senior year in high school.  She made me channel every wise (older) woman in my family, as I kept sighing at the sheer beauty.  What a joy.  And after getting to know her just a little bit, I am confident saying that her most beautiful aspects are her heart and mind, and not her looks!  Plum Island is ideal for these golden hour portraits, and what better place to work?

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Commercial Editorial Photography at Newburyport Olive Oil Company Karen and Katie are the (newish) owners of the Newburyport Olive Oil Company, and the delicious new kitchen boutique next door, Port Plums.  I loved spending some time with them recently,  capturing some promotional imagery for their website.  I've yet to mention the shop to a Newburyporter without hearing "Oooh, I love that place!"  In addition to the Olive Oil store, Katie and Karen have also made a new space next door called Port Plums, a kitchen boutique featuring local, unique products. The Port Plums space is also available for events, workshops and all sorts of fun!


The story is charming: Karen and Katie are mother and daughter who always dreamed of starting a business together.  That's what made me want to photograph them- their connection.  As a mother of three daughters myself, I am a SUCKER for this story!

Great Makeup by Nancy DiClemente Gorman of

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Oh Baby! With my job, I celebrate love every day.  I may be photographing a dewy bride as she dances with her groom, or a mother and daughter in the store they just opened together.  I ask you- is there any better way to celebrate love than capturing a newborn as she is doted upon by her dazzled family?  Here is one little nugget, in the arms of her gorgeous parents, with cameos by Ken and Gracie, her fairy greyhounds. Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl Newburyport baby photographyBaby Girl


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Hawthorne Hotel Weddings The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts has always been a favorite of mine.  Love the history, love the Common right next door, love the ballroom.  It was last weekend's snow that got me thinking about the last snowy wedding I shot there.  Sigh.  It's not feeling as cozy as these two made it look that night.

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New Year, New Blog! A beautiful New Year's wedding in Boston is the best way to bring a baby blog into existence, I think! Here is the moment, at the Hampshire House, where Jillian and Rob found each other in the crowd, first moment, first year--of husband and wife. May we all enjoy a year that is as bright and beautiful as these two.

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