Senior, or Supermodel? Plum Island Beach Senior Session

September 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I love it when I'm shooting a high school senior and a supermodel shows up at the end.  OK, it's never happened before, but there's a first time for everything!

This is A., toward the end of her shoot.  The surfboard is more than just a mere prop-- she's the real deal.  It was clear to me that her athleticism is even more impressive than her jaw-dropping good looks-- although the college guys that thought they'd discovered a secret Sports Illustrated model shoot would probably disagree with me ("Best.Day.Ever.")

She reminds me of a younger Heidi Klum:

We started that day with a senior session.  Predictably, those shots were beautiful too:

I am so thrilled to have been there for A., capturing this spectacular moment in her young life.  She is such a great girl. Beautiful and kind, sweet and smart. I can only speculate what is around the corner for her, all wonderful things is my wish.  I can see her as the teacher/engineer/entrepreneur that inspires everyone around her, and I can also see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Who knows what she will choose to do?


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