Love This Shot: Laughing Bride in a Bathtub

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Laughing-Bride-and-Groom-in-Bathtub-Amanda-Ambrose-Photography-2018Laughing-Bride-and-Groom-in-Bathtub-Amanda-Ambrose-Photography-2018Laughing-Bride-and-Groom-in-Bathtub-Amanda-Ambrose-Photography-2018 Newburyport wedding photographers and Boston wedding photographers 

I love this shot. It's a classic "Vanity Fair" style capture, with an ease and a glamour that the bride and groom will treasure for years to come.  It's also exactly the kind of wedding photo that I wish I had from my own wedding day. 

The wedding was in Newburyport and the day was a little raw.  The venue was a private residence with an amazing garden leading down to the river. We were only able to get outside for a few minutes (14 to be precise.) As laid back as the couple was, we'd all felt a little bit of a pressure to grab some photos outside before the threatening deluge.

But here, in this photograph,the pressure is over.

The bride and groom's family is downstairs, waiting to celebrate with them. It was a small, intimate gathering that happened to have a wedding ceremony in the middle of it. Evening is gathering, the sky crowning the river in shades of lavender.  

The couple, relieved of their "modeling" duties, relax together for a quick moment, enjoying a quick glass of champagne (and a private joke). 

In a moment or two, he will stand and offer her his hand (again).  They will pause briefly to whisper a few words to each other (I got that shot too, and will share it in another post), and then head downstairs to join their loved ones, to share an incredible meal (Essential Chefs Catering), and to begin their new life together as husband and wife.

But this shot?  I love this shot. One moment. A moment to let it all "sink" in (in the tub).  No rules, just fun!

Weddings in Newburyport benefit from a tremendous number of options for backdrops.  Wedding photos on the Newburyport boardwalk.  Bridal party photos on Plum Island beach. Engagement photos on Inn Street.

There are so many Newburyport, MA wedding venues and possibilities that a destination wedding in Newburyport is easy to plan!



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